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Disabled man spends £7K on Prostitutes

A person walking upstairs to see a prostitute

Jonathan Wheels – although we aren’t sure if that’s his real name – has an addiction. It’s not related to drink, smoking or drugs…It’s something, shall we say, a bit more ‘personal’.

On his blog Wheels has admitted his spent over £7,000 of his inheritance and benefits money paying for sex.

The 24 year-old who has vision loss a stammer and cerebral palsy argues he’s entitled to his erotic pastime because he was denied sex education at school which has made it difficult for him to start relationships.

Visiting a sex worker on a monthly basis Jonathan Wheels – the name he blogs under – says the appointments boost his ‘confidence’, despite costing a small fortune.

He told LADbible: "Sex is a need like any other need and that need must be met.

"Help with finding sex is not being pushed by social services and it needs to be written into care packages.

"In my time of sleeping with sex workers, I have spent nearly £7,000.

"It was an addiction. There was a time when I would just get the money I needed, even if that left me short for two weeks.

"I even spent my inheritance on sleeping with prostitutes because it helped to relax me and relieve my symptoms - it really is like an addiction."

With a lack of sex education John went online and found the TLC Trust which gives support to disabled people looking for relationships, sex and finding them ‘surrogates’. Through their website Johnathan was able to find his sex worker four years ago.

At first he became obsessed with sex making visits every two weeks, but he has now managed to control his habit down to once a month.

John, who uses a wheelchair, says having regular visits reduces the daily pain he suffers from muscle spasms.

He is currently unemployed believing employers are discriminating against disabled people.

Jonathan Wheels has been campaigning for the government to provide sex workers for people with disabilities.

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