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Disabled dog’s new lease of life

gilbert the dog using his custom made wheelchair

The future wasn’t looking great for poor old Gilbert.

Suffering from spinal injuries vets told Jane and Kevin Bircumshaw their cherished Hungarian Vizsla puppy should be put down and put out of its misery.

Devastated by the prospect saying goodbye to their pet Gilbert’s owners decided to build Gilbert his own doggie wheelchair.

The unique piece of craftsmanship has worked wonders for the disabled dog which can now go for walks and play ball just like any other pooch thanks to the wheelchair attached to his back which gives Gilbert a new pair of hind legs with two wheels.

Jane told The Metro: ‘My friend was looking after the puppies and sent me a video. They all looked the same apart from Gilbert who was in the corner with his back legs splayed on the floor.

‘I just fell in love with him. ‘When they said we should put him down I asked if he was in any pain. They said no and I thought well he’s got a happy life, I’m not going to put him down if he’s not in pain.’

Kevin added: ‘We were told that normally a dog with those severe injuries would be put down, but we couldn’t have done that.’

Gilbert is now having monthly treatment and has a massage three times a day by Jane which stimulates his back legs and lower back.

Jane and Kevin Bircumshaw had to raise £15,000 to cover Gilbert’s vet bills and physiotherapy.

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