Disabled cyclists complete Route 66 road trip

picture of route 66
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For many Route 66 is the ultimate road trip, covering the 2,400 miles is an experience of a lifetime, but for obvious reasons making the trek through lockdown was almost out of reach.

Navigating around this big COVID-19 coronavirus stumbling block were a team of wheelchair users from Leonard Cheshire’s Gloucestershire House, Cheltenham who completed the journey virtually on static and accessible bikes.

They were joined by residents of the charity’s homes in Hertfordshire (Symonds House), Hampshire (Fryers House) and West Sussex (St Bridget’s) as the bikers raised money to fund inclusive cycling equipment.

Organiser of the Route 66 Challenge, Dave Evans – who lives at Gloucestershire House, told Gloucestershire Live: “The achievement, from people who face so many daily challenges, cannot be underestimated. People have enthusiastically embraced the team spirit and have felt more in touch with people across the country too. It has been an honour to ride alongside so many champions.”

The cyclists started their virtual journey on June 1 and crossed the finish line on July 31.

U.S. Route 66 runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.