Coronavirus: Disabled people given free weed

weed being handed out to vulnerable people
weed being handed out to vulnerable people Image credit:

Disabled and military veterans in Sheridan, Mountain Country are ‘’chilling’ through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic after being handed out free weed.

Yeah, that’s right, if you live in the US town and can prove you used to fight for your country or claim Social Security disability allowance you are probably reading this article with a huge smile on your face.

Last Friday a queue of traffic was lining up so certain residents could pick up free goodie bags containing an ounce of marijuana, edibles and hemp products worth around $150 outside the Mid-Michigan Compassion Club.

Store owner David Overholt told WOOD TV8: "The generosity has come out in droves since we announced we were doing this. This is the right thing to do, and I'm so proud of the caregivers that stepped up and did it.

"Everybody's wearing safety precautions, masks, gloves. We're trying to stay our distance. We have nobody in the building. It's all preregistered in the car, similar to take-out food."

He added: "I wouldn't want to be a politician arguing with a bunch of sick people and veterans right now who are getting free meds at voting time."

Because no crime was being committed the police turned a blind eye to the generous giveaway.

One person taking advantage of the handout was Melissa Houston who claims disability benefits after being involved in a road accident.

She said "Trust you me, this is going to help with my depression and anxiety too, because it always has helped me."

Disabled Navy veteran Debbie Wright who has been taking cannabis to lower her prescription medication dosage said: "It's a big deal for those who became 'unemployed' temporarily due to the virus."

The giveaway is set to continue on a weekly basis throughout the coronavirus lockdown.