Army Cadet with Down’s syndrome walks miles for charity

Niquita Potter saluting
Niquita Potter saluting Image credit:

A teenager with Downs Syndrome has been recognised for participating in an endurance fundraiser which raise a staggering sum of money for an Armed Forces charity.

Lance Corporal Niquita Potter set herself a target of £100 before she set off on a five mile walk, to her surprise the Devon Army Cadet ended up raising over £1,300 and covered eight-and-a-half-miles.

The challenge took eight hours to complete, but was extremely worthwhile!

Niquita was interviewed by Tim Humphries on BFBS Radio which made her their Cadet of the Week.

The teen covered the exhausting distance with partner Matthew and her sister Nadine in December 2020 for the Walking With The Wounded charity which supports disadvantaged veterans and their families regaini their independence.

Her journey started at Haytor, an Armed Forces training ground in Dartmoor and finished at a war memorial in Newton Abbot, Devon.

Niquita Potter has also scuba-dived, canoed, abseiled and has a passion for swimming.