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Fish wheelchair!

goldfish using a wheelchair

A disabled goldfish has been saved from its death by animal lover in South Korea.

Henry Kim noticed one of his fish had started to swim upside down, on further inspection the aquarium owner realised his pet goldfish was dying from a swim bladder disorder.

The 32-year-old, who has more than 20 goldfish swimming around in three separate tanks, decided to help the little fella by designing an underwater wheelchair.

He manged to create the device by researching numerous online tutorials, by gathering the information Kim managed to build the genius contraption.

Henry said: "Swim bladder disorder can be caused by many reasons such as overeating or unclean waters.

"I normally find it in fish that have been imported to Korea from Thailand or China.

"Fish with this issue only live a couple of months, but thanks to this device, one of my fish has lived to be five months old.

"My wheelchair helps them stay afloat and have a longer life."

The life expectancy for a goldfish is ten years.

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