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Amputee shows off Halloween costume

Amber in a halloween costume

Having a disability is no excuse for not joining in Halloween celebrations.

An amputee from Chicago has received over 115,000 votes on Reddit after uploading a picture of herself in fancy dress with the message ‘Halloween is Christmas for us amputees’.

April, the pretty face behind the gory blood dripping down from her chin, has received a scary amount of supportive comments after sharing her frightfully impressive pic.

One user wrote: "I'm missing half my right leg. Halloween two years ago I would lay on the floor in front of the front door in a pool of fake blood and my girlfriend would answer trick or treaters with blood on her shirt and a fake meat cleaver. Reactions were priceless."

Another post read: "My mum is a double amputee and when older trick or treaters come she has me pull her prosthetic arm off and run around with it."

April told The BBC she has a “peaceful medium” and wants to "find every way to take advantage of it".

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