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Amputee schoolboy goes viral on school sports day

Muhammad Aqil  on crutches running beside his teacher Intan Zulaikha Jusoh

On the whole, disabled kids don’t do too well on school sports day, but for one lad in Malaysia he has become an internet sensation competing in a race.

Footage of five children, including one young boy with one leg on crutches, from the Jerantut District School Sports Council (MSSD) has gone viral after being uploaded on TikTok.

The amputee has left thousands of people in tears as they watch him being encouraged to finish the race by a teacher running beside him.

As you can imagine, the clip has sparked a thread of comments by those moved by his determination.

One reply read: “I was there on duty too. When I saw him running, I clapped my hands to show my support but my eyes were watery.”

Another said: “My tears are falling. God is great. Thank you teacher. As for the boy, I pray for him to be blessed with strength and success in this world and the afterlife.”

A third commented that “the teacher is the one who moved me. In life, no matter how difficult it is, as long as there is someone to encourage, God willing, there is a way.”

The boy in question is 11-year-old Muhammad Aqil Naufal Zahiran, he confessed to being nervous running in front of a crowd, despite being his first race he was focused on crossing the finish line.

In an interview Muhammad Aqil said: “I was shy standing next to the other participants but I continued running even though my pants almost fell because I thought that whatever happens, I wanted to finish the race even if my friends were already far ahead.”

His teacher, Intan Zulaikha Jusoh, 35, accompanied the student around the track. She told the press “My intention of running with him at that time was just to keep encouraging him to continue running to the finish line and to accompany him as I didn’t want him to feel like he was running alone because his other friends were far ahead, that’s all.” 

[ Muhammad Aqil had his left leg amputated in 2015 after contracting a bacterial infection, in 2021 his dad passed away. ]

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