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Post: 12 November 2013


About Twenty-four hours, that’s the last time we were reminded of Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMA’s back in the Summer causing controversy for her unruly behaviour which was followed by her explicit video for Wrecking Ball. It’s Friday night in Amsterdam and in a couple of days time Miley will have the chance to redeem herself when she performs at the MTV EMAs.

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Post: 05 November 2013


If our Twitter feeds led you this article your eyes haven’t deceived you, we are indeed covering our first story related to BBC4. The cable channel most of us are aware exists yet few have paid it very much attention.

eric monger with prosthesis in its early stages
Post: 05 November 2013


If you had met 60 year-old Eric Moger four years ago you wouldn’t had been able to not notice his physical appearance.

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Post: 31 October 2013


The term ‘This is Bedlam’ has been frippery used for centuries, although it is questionable if everyone who has ever used the phase understands its origins which dates back to 1247.

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Post: 30 October 2013


No point hunting on Google Maps for the location of the pub we are currently drinking in. Think a Sat Nav will be more productive? Think again! The bar which is currently brought to life with a string of musicians performing around a piano is on the stage inviting guests to have watering refreshments with the cast of ‘Once’, one of London’s most recent plays to hit the West End following its award winning run on Broadway.

game of thrones
Post: 25 October 2013


Game of Thrones has won numerous awards, from Emmys to Golden Globes and now the successful fantasy drama series has achieved another acclaim picking up the Media Access award for Best Visionary.

keith martin
Post: 23 October 2013


 Any qualified doctor can tell you the healthy weight of the human body is between 18.5st & 24.9st. Keith Martin exceeded this measure more than three times; in fact he weighed in at 70st.

jack whitehall
Post: 21 October 2013



‘Jack Whitehall Gets Around’


Arena Tour / March 2014



“A show stopping tour de force. His energy on stage needs to be seen to be believed” – The Times

deepak kumar paswaan
Post: 11 October 2013


Deepak Kumar Paswaan – that may well be the name he was christened with but the little Indian child was more commonly referred to as ‘Octo-boy’.

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Post: 08 October 2013




Last night A-list brave and courageous individuals were join by familiar faces for this years’ Pride of Britain Awards. You can see all the highlights tonight (8 October) on ITV including Jimmy Carr with new BFF Jack Carroll, the Britain’s Got Talent star who overlooks his cerebral palsy with his stand-up comedy routines.


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