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didier (turtle boy)
Post: 29 January 2014


Six-year-old Didier has a mole. In usual circumstances a group of melanocytes on the skin would cause no need for alarm, although in Didier’s case the patch on his body takes over his entire life.

shaine from the undateables
Post: 23 January 2014


Over the past few years viewers of The Undateables have had the unique heartfelt invitation to follow disabled lonely hearts through their life-changing journeys to find that missing person in their lives.

tom paxton and janis ian
Post: 22 January 2014

Two of America’s greatest songwriters visit the UK together in March 2014.
Post: 16 January 2014


Immediately after its release in the States Martin Scorsese’s latest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street came after scrutiny for its repeated use of the ‘F’ word. The expletive is used 506 f*cking times, more than any other film drama in recorded history.

zara hartshorn
Post: 15 January 2014


It’s perfectly natural for people’s physical appearance to distract their age. Most of us may appear a few years senior, or if we are fortunate a year or two younger. In Zara’s case her looks are way more deceiving than most. Take a look at her photo above and take a guess how old she is.

pitch perfect michael jackson
Post: 10 January 2014



A new use for medication which treats epilepsy has been revealed and it has nothing to do with helping those suffering from irregular seizures.

quidam logo
Post: 08 January 2014


A young girl feels isolated from her mum and dad, there’s a group of men dressed in white cloaks covering their faces, acrobats performing at air pressuring heights, jugglers defying physics, clowns squirting water in the face of standard circus tomfoolery and a headless man sheltering under an umbrella.

undateables logo
Post: 06 January 2014



Returning to our screens this week are those loveable Undateables, the group of disabled people looking for that special somebody in their life in front of a Channel 4 cameraman.
Post: 19 December 2013


This Friday ITV broadcast their annual telethon for disadvantaged people across the UK. Bearing resemblance to BBC’s Children In Appeal the programme will see a host of celebrities outside their comfort zones raising cash for good causes.

derren brown
Post: 13 December 2013


In his latest mind-reading exploits Derren Brown is hiring unprofessional criminals to steal a valuable painting from a Moscow gallery.

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