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the old deanery
Post: 30 April 2014


Care homes should be exactly that, a safe and secure environment for those who are no longer able to live an independent lifestyle. However, as past news stories have shown the quality and safeguard available to the elderly can, in some circumstances, take a drastic change for the worse.

screenshot from derek series two
Post: 11 April 2014


The wait is almost over for fans of old men cooped up in care homes wearing warm jumpers and a permanent dazed facial expression.

warrick davis and family on a camping holiday
Post: 11 April 2014


The summer is almost upon us and plans for jetting off to somewhere hot for a week or two will be the top priority for thousands of people.

oritse williams
Post: 09 April 2014


‘Everybody in Love. Put Your hands up. Everybody in Love...’ Okay, we won’t carry on, but JLS member Oritsé Williams has given us something to sing about...

game of thrones
Post: 07 April 2014


Game of Thrones returns tonight for its fourth adventuress series, we guess each actor read through their scripts with trepidation to see how many episodes they will last but death isn’t the only element which runs through the award winning plots. The episodes also cover disability in numerous shapes and forms, so let’s try to tackle these barbaric cast members without being executed before we upload the blood-soaked, gory article online.

mickey rooney
Post: 07 April 2014


Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney has passed away at the age of 93. The actor leaves behind a legacy filmography which includes classic movies such as A family Affair, Boys Town and Babes in Arms which saw him being the first teenager to be nominated for an Academy Award.

kurt cobain
Post: 04 April 2014


This weekend marks the twentieth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. The Nirvana front-man took his own life on 5 April 1994 pulling the trigger of a gun fastened to his mouth. The fired bullet triggered the end of one of the most iconic name s in music history, but his suicide note sparked off an array of speculation to the mental health Cobain had lived with during his 27 years.

jamie fisher
Post: 03 April 2014


The New Year didn’t start well for Jamie Andrew in 1999, in fact that’s an understatement – The expedition the mountaineer took in the French Alps five years ago changed his life forever...

Post: 01 April 2014


Let us start by explaining how we received this staggering announcement, as the first thing you will do after reading this sensational article is to avert yourselves to the Google search engine.

sam and joleene from the undateables
Post: 27 March 2014


The Undateables, Channel 4’s successful dating show for disabled people, will be coming back for its fourth series next year and the production team are reaching out for those willing to take part.

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