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alex turner on stage at itunes festival
Post: 10 September 2013


Question for you...Does it really matter if somebody wishes you a ‘good evening’ or hopes you’ have a nice day?’


elton john plays bestival
Post: 10 September 2013



The past decade has been incredibly successful for Bestival, awards have been notched up left, right and centre, a second annual event titled Camp Bestival has become a staple weekender for the average festival goer and last weekend saw the flamboyant squidgy icing on the anniversary birthday cake when Elton John brought the festival to an unforgettable close.


panaroma logo
Post: 05 September 2013



On Monday’s Panorama the BBC documentary series will tackle the controversial issue regarding the relationship between mental health patients and the police.


paramore at itunes festival
Post: 05 September 2013



Paramore’s tour manager has a memorable anecdote, a couple of years ago he discovered a stowaway fan that had been hiding in the bands tour bus for two days. He had to pay for a ticket so the teenager could go home back to her parents.


bestival 2013 logo
Post: 04 September 2013


A few months ago we found ourselves on a docked boat upon the River Thames. Instead of a few passengers inside relaxing from their descend down one of London’s most famous stretches of water we found a couple of hundred people crammed into a small room waiting for a very special announcement.


frank turner at reading festival in a wheelchair
Post: 03 September 2013


Back in 1992 Kurt Cobain wheeled himself onto the main stage at Reading festival for a Nirvana set which would go down in musical history.


sarah colwill
Post: 03 September 2013


If we told you there was a program on television tonight focusing on someone from Devon who woke up one morning to find out they had turned Chinese you’d probably think it was the plot for a far-fetched drama hidden away on a lesser-known cable TV station.

reading & leeds festival 2013 logo
Post: 21 August 2013



With students recently receiving their exam results there’s a huge excuse to either celebrate or let off steam around the country. Thank crikey-mosses then for the timing of the Reading & Leeds festival taking place this weekend.


any day now
Post: 20 August 2013


Alan Cumming will be joining director Travis Fine this evening as they attend the gala screening of a new movie in London which follows the true story of a couple fighting for their rights to adopt a disabled teenager.


beyonce at v festival
Post: 19 August 2013



There’s numerous ways to fill half an hour. Book a holiday online, watch an episode of New Girl, read Peter Andre’s biography cover-to-cover, or you can stand in a field waiting Beoynce to come on stage.

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