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paramore at itunes festival
Post: 05 September 2013



Paramore’s tour manager has a memorable anecdote, a couple of years ago he discovered a stowaway fan that had been hiding in the bands tour bus for two days. He had to pay for a ticket so the teenager could go home back to her parents.


bestival 2013 logo
Post: 04 September 2013


A few months ago we found ourselves on a docked boat upon the River Thames. Instead of a few passengers inside relaxing from their descend down one of London’s most famous stretches of water we found a couple of hundred people crammed into a small room waiting for a very special announcement.


frank turner at reading festival in a wheelchair
Post: 03 September 2013


Back in 1992 Kurt Cobain wheeled himself onto the main stage at Reading festival for a Nirvana set which would go down in musical history.


sarah colwill
Post: 03 September 2013


If we told you there was a program on television tonight focusing on someone from Devon who woke up one morning to find out they had turned Chinese you’d probably think it was the plot for a far-fetched drama hidden away on a lesser-known cable TV station.

reading & leeds festival 2013 logo
Post: 21 August 2013



With students recently receiving their exam results there’s a huge excuse to either celebrate or let off steam around the country. Thank crikey-mosses then for the timing of the Reading & Leeds festival taking place this weekend.


any day now
Post: 20 August 2013


Alan Cumming will be joining director Travis Fine this evening as they attend the gala screening of a new movie in London which follows the true story of a couple fighting for their rights to adopt a disabled teenager.


beyonce at v festival
Post: 19 August 2013



There’s numerous ways to fill half an hour. Book a holiday online, watch an episode of New Girl, read Peter Andre’s biography cover-to-cover, or you can stand in a field waiting Beoynce to come on stage.

ade adepitan: journey of my lifetime
Post: 16 August 2013



It wasn’t until 1955 when a vaccine for polio was introduced cutting the number of people affected by the disease dramatically. The treatment was urgently needed following an outbreak throughout the 1940s and early 1950s.


v festival 2013 logo
Post: 14 August 2013


For those searching for their first festival experience look no further than the almighty V festival. Boutique weekends a little too pouncy for you? Two or three days of rock too heavy on the eardrums? V is the ideal go-between offering two days of pure great live music.


i'm spazticus
Post: 13 August 2013


I’m Spazticus returns to our screens this week as we have the opportunity to laugh at disabled people pulling pranks on members of the public and a handful of celebrities.


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