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passenger on mobility scooter
Post: 18 June 2014


For those who don’t use them mobility scooters can be annoying. There we go, we’ve said it! It’s not the type of statement you expect to read on a site dedicated to disability, but it’s the truth...a percentage of able-bodied people find those chunks on wheels crawling around supermarket aisles and chugging along roads an inconvenience.

red hot chilli peppers at isle of wight festival
Post: 17 June 2014


The Saturday headliner for this years’ Isle of Wight festival remained inconspicuous for a few months. Biffy Clyro and Calvin Harris would round off Friday, Kings of Leon had the job off closing the event, but as for the act sandwiched between these heavyweights the slot remained a mystery.

shane beales
Post: 10 June 2014


Shane Beales, the unique musical craftsman who is now a fully proven virtuoso songwriter has announced his next release, which is yet again a collective of something brand new, and showcases his diverse and intriguing talent.

one direction
Post: 04 June 2014


This weekend the world’s most popular boy bands play three sold-old nights at London’s Wembley Stadium, although it won’t just be the four lads who will be benefiting from the ticket sales.

a stack of compact discs
Post: 03 June 2014


Piracy is a common problem for those involved in the music industry albeit record labels, manufactures and the artists themselves.

one man, two guvnors' logo
Post: 03 June 2014


When it opened in 2011 ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’’ main draw was actor who was taking the role of Francis Henshall.

home coming 2014 logo
Post: 02 June 2014


The city occupies 1.12-square-miles of Great Britain, according to recent statistics the 2.9 km houses 7,375 residents and is the home of addresses which need no research into their occupants, Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, 212B Baker Street...

iain lee
Post: 02 June 2014


Local radio stations don’t often make for riveting listening, although Iain Lee’s broadcast last week on BBC WM tickled listeners so much an outtake even made its way onto YouTube.

one direction on stage at big weekend
Post: 27 May 2014


The lead singer of one of the world’s biggest bands starts singing the opening lines to ‘Best Song Ever’. Unsurprisingly the crowd go wild, although there’s something unusual about this rendition, the guy belting out the first two lines is a 37 year-old, he’s playing piano and you are probably familiar with the name.

radio 1 big weekend glasgow
Post: 21 May 2014


At this very moment in time 40,000 music lovers are trying to contain their excitement, it’s just a couple days away until BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend rolls into Glasgow bringing with it some of the biggest names in music.

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