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foals playing bestival
Post: 08 September 2014


Last year festival organiser Melvin Benn took a bold yet valiant decision booking Foals as a headline act for Latitude. The Oxford indie rockers, despite failing to reach a top twenty chart position stole the festival in 2013. In fact this very reviewer regretted covering Kraftwork – who played on the Saturday – instead of reviewing Yannis Philippakis’s genre-covering band which casts its wide abstract net to fish in those attracted to dance-punk, math rock, alternative music as well asbeing filed under the indie category.

bestival 2014 logo
Post: 03 September 2014


Desert Island Disco – that’s the theme for Bestival this weekend and the dancefloor setting ties in quite well with one of the headline acts. Chic (featuring Nile Rodgers) dominate the classic tune session at all good wedding receptions. Shove in a dose of Foals, shake it like a Polaroid picture of Outkast, try to find a date for a smooch along to Sam Smith amongst a hundred or so more requests and you have the perfect send off to summer 2014.

richard attenborough
Post: 26 August 2014


Last weekend the film world lost an icon. Actor and director Richard Attenborough passed away aged 90. This morning his son revealed how his father coped with a disability over the past six years leading up to his death.

josh homme playing reading festival
Post: 26 August 2014


The announcement for which two acts would be co-headlining a night at Reading and Leeds this year was teased by an image of two playing cards - A King and a Queen. When the cryptic message was un-puzzled it was clear that the organisers had once again come up ’trumps’ and that we would be reviewing the Queens of The Stone Age when the final weeks of summer started to bring the festival season to a close.

musharaf asghar
Post: 21 August 2014


Musharaf Asghar became the star of last year’s Educating Yorkshire series last year. The schoolboy battled with a severe stammer although as the term unfolded so did the words from his mouth.

al murray outside an asylum
Post: 20 August 2014


In today’s society advice is on hand for those coping with mental illness. The conditions which fall under the health condition umbrella are now widely recognised as symptoms which need to be addressed, although as a new two-part documentary shows there was a lack of awareness and understanding for patients back in the Victorian era.

reading & leeds 2014 logo
Post: 20 August 2014


The Tesco store in Reading has been inundated with complaints this week following a recent reshuffle in the aisles. Local residents have complained booze have been stacked in the salad aisles. The reason for lettuces and cucumbers making way for Fosters and Jägermeister means only one thing...There’s a festival which is about to happen and it’s one of the most prestigious ones of the summer.

justin timberlake at v festival
Post: 18 August 2014


The following words which open the next sentence may come to a bit of a shock to you, but hear us out. Justin Timberlake dances like a guy in a nightclub who is trying to impress the girls...Bear with us!...He flaps his hands in the air, casually flicks his jacket, plays invisible drums...On the dancefloor this may be the signs of one too many Bacardi Breezers, but it’s JT and it just goes to show the Memphis star can do just about bloody anything and it will be cool.

robin williams
Post: 15 August 2014


On Monday the entertainment world lost one of its finest actors.

josh homme
Post: 15 August 2014


Next weekend Josh Homme will headline the Reading & Leeds festival as the Queen Of The Stone Age bid farewell to summer in a couple of fields scattered around the country. (Well, Reading and Leeds in fact!)

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