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v festival 2014 logo
Post: 14 August 2014


The observant amongst you may have noticed V festival has a new logo this year, although when the event takes place this weekend in Chelmsford and Staffordshire the symbol won’t be the only difference which you will notice, especially if you have purchased a disabled ticket.

keith martin
Post: 07 August 2014


You may remember Keith Martin; he was the subject of a past documentary aired on Channel 5 called ’70 Stone and Almost Dead’.

still from inbetweeners 2 movie
Post: 06 August 2014


Following the success of the first film, The Inbetweeners hit the big screen for a second time from today.

tim booth from james playing camp bestival
Post: 05 August 2014


Ask most people to name two releases by James and the chances are they will struggle past ‘Sit Down’. The 1991 re-release ( in 1989 the original release reached no. 77 in the charts, two years later it shot to number 2) was a double edged sword for the Mancunian lads, on the one hand it not only catapulted them into the Britpop era, it placed the song into one of the most remembered songs of that decade. But its success drained the band when it came to live performances, for a couple of years James omitted the track from their sets. It even nearly didn’t make an airing tonight, although fortunately when Tim Booth was inundated by tweets saying no request asking for sitting on ones behind would bring children to tears, the band had no choice but to include the tune in tonight’s performance.

camp bestival 2014 logo
Post: 30 July 2014


Taking young children to a festival isn’t the best idea in the world. A few days surrounded by legal (and illegal) highs, loud music and sweaty teenagers letting off steam doesn’t quite fit in with the rules of parenthood. Although this weekend family festival Camp Bestival welcomes those of all ages with a mix of children entertainment and some quality music for the mums and dads.

catherine tyldesley doing bench ups
Post: 29 July 2014


Actress Catherine Tyldesley shamed her agent this week and showed her lack of respect for disabled people by parking in a blue badge bay.

coldplay performing at the albert hall
Post: 28 July 2014


Last month Coldplay performed two sold-old performances at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The shows included numerous hits from their ever-increasing back catalogue, one of which being the tear-jerking ‘Fix You’.

Post: 24 July 2014


A member of one of the most popular bands at the moment has opened up on their battle with diabetes.

dan auerbach from the black keys
Post: 22 July 2014


The Black Keys – they’ve yet to have chart success on these shores. Their highest entry in the UK charts came with ‘Fever’ earlier this year when their recent single peaked at number 57 matching their 2012 release ‘Gold on the Ceiling’. Album wise the Americans haven’t done too badly thanks to the British public, their latest record ‘Turn Blue’ reached No. 2 although it’s their former LP ‘El Camino’ which will provide most of the tracks tonight as they round off this year’s Latitude festival.

latitude festival 2014
Post: 16 July 2014


The wonderful thing about the Latitude Festival is that there’s so much variety to cram in over the extended weekend (the gates open on Thursday) live music is only just a fraction of the entertainment you will stumble across.

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