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zara hartshorn
Post: 15 January 2014


It’s perfectly natural for people’s physical appearance to distract their age. Most of us may appear a few years senior, or if we are fortunate a year or two younger. In Zara’s case her looks are way more deceiving than most. Take a look at her photo above and take a guess how old she is.

pitch perfect michael jackson
Post: 10 January 2014



A new use for medication which treats epilepsy has been revealed and it has nothing to do with helping those suffering from irregular seizures.

quidam logo
Post: 08 January 2014


A young girl feels isolated from her mum and dad, there’s a group of men dressed in white cloaks covering their faces, acrobats performing at air pressuring heights, jugglers defying physics, clowns squirting water in the face of standard circus tomfoolery and a headless man sheltering under an umbrella.

undateables logo
Post: 06 January 2014



Returning to our screens this week are those loveable Undateables, the group of disabled people looking for that special somebody in their life in front of a Channel 4 cameraman.
Post: 19 December 2013


This Friday ITV broadcast their annual telethon for disadvantaged people across the UK. Bearing resemblance to BBC’s Children In Appeal the programme will see a host of celebrities outside their comfort zones raising cash for good causes.

derren brown
Post: 13 December 2013


In his latest mind-reading exploits Derren Brown is hiring unprofessional criminals to steal a valuable painting from a Moscow gallery.

susan boyle on stage
Post: 12 December 2013


It seems only a few days ago when we covered a story about Britain Got Talent winner Susan Boyle. (Probably because it is, as on Monday Susan revealed she has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome)

susan boyle
Post: 09 December 2013


Britain Got Talent winner Susan Boyle has revealed she has recently been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.


screen shot from a brief history of mine
Post: 05 December 2013


Athletes may compete to be crowned the fastest thing on two legs, but when it comes to who’s the ‘quickest’ person on a couple of wheels Professor Stephen Hawking wipes the competition away.

amazon logo
Post: 25 November 2013


Buying Christmas presents for loved ones can be stressful, but working for a popular shopping website the lead up to Christmas cannot only cause stress but also cause serious mental and physical illness.

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