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george the poet
Post: 17 February 2015


Rising artist George the Poet’s recent success has given the rapper the opportunity to speak about his brother Kenny and how he copes with autism.

rich jones
Post: 12 February 2015


Rich Jones has recently been crowned the winner of the National Competition, Open Mic UK 2014. He writes exclusively for ABLE2UK about his support behind disabled awareness.

screening for breast cancer
Post: 11 February 2015


Hearing that your cancer is incurable is one thing which is impossible to put into words. When a doctor tells you ‘There’s nothing else we can do’ your life ends there and then, regardless of your precious weeks or months which lie ahead.

courtney love smoking
Post: 04 February 2015


Former Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon has challenged Courtney Love’s stability in a new book which is due to be released later this month.

Post: 04 February 2015


Acclaimed rock band TOY are to set to headline Club Attitude, the annual live music event promoted by charity Attitude is Everything.

jayce correia rapping to his son
Post: 03 February 2015


There’s a new rapper on da block, although this one isn’t interested in his woman, or his diamonds. It’s his disabled child which is of the subject innit?

katie hopkins with perez hilton
Post: 03 February 2015


“You’re like the ADHD kid that didn’t get their meds…I don’t believe in ADHD anyway, but crack on.”

brent and challis
Post: 02 February 2015


In tonight’s episode of The Undateables we are given another catch-up on the singletons featured on past series.

milton jones
Post: 02 February 2015


The one-liner king, Milton Jones, will be visiting his devotees, with his brand-new show, Temple of Daft. No doom just copious amounts of laughter and nonsense.

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