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radio 1 big weekend glasgow
Post: 21 May 2014


At this very moment in time 40,000 music lovers are trying to contain their excitement, it’s just a couple days away until BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend rolls into Glasgow bringing with it some of the biggest names in music.

david brent fronting foregone conclusion
Post: 19 May 2014


Back in 2001 the quiet, sleep town of Slough was the centre of attention for a new character which would be loved as much as he would be loathed. Ricky Gervais, then a relatively unknown personality in the comedy universe gave birth to David Brent, a manager of paper firm who loosely resembled bosses across the country in the working environment.

thalidomide victim
Post: 15 May 2014


Back in the late 1950’s medical science incorrectly presumed women experienced morning sickness as a result of being over-excited about pregnancy.

the it crowd cast
Post: 14 May 2014


We realise this is from the Channel 4 archive, but as the news is quite dismal at the moment we thought we would attempt to cheer up your day.

kelis playing the great escape festival
Post: 12 May 2014


The last time Kelis Rogers cooked up a mildly media frenzy she was promoting her sixth album, ‘Food’. That was earlier this year, today she’s serving up the main course which will round off The Great Escape, an urban festival which has seen thousands of music lovers trek from building to building around Central Brighton since 2006.

the rovers return
Post: 08 May 2014


He’s in his forties, has a physical disability and is incredibly cheeky.

the great escape 2014 logo
Post: 07 May 2014


Brighton – The seaside town most commonly known for its rickety old pier, a beach where bathers only wear suntan lotion and a retired boxer driving around in a huge oversized lorry.

bob hoskins
Post: 30 April 2014



One of the UK’s most loved and admired actors, Bob Hoskins has lost his battle with pneumonia.

the old deanery
Post: 30 April 2014


Care homes should be exactly that, a safe and secure environment for those who are no longer able to live an independent lifestyle. However, as past news stories have shown the quality and safeguard available to the elderly can, in some circumstances, take a drastic change for the worse.

screenshot from derek series two
Post: 11 April 2014


The wait is almost over for fans of old men cooped up in care homes wearing warm jumpers and a permanent dazed facial expression.

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