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catherine tyldesley doing bench ups
Post: 29 July 2014


Actress Catherine Tyldesley shamed her agent this week and showed her lack of respect for disabled people by parking in a blue badge bay.

12 years old caring for mum
Post: 03 July 2014


Those with severe disabilities may need caring at one stage or another throughout their lives, usually it’s a parent or a guardian, although in some cases the role is reversed and it’s the children who take on the responsibilities.

penn & teller
Post: 23 June 2014


On Friday evening, somebody, somewhere, was opening an envelope. Its contents revealed how a magic trick had been done earlier on that evening.

francesca martinez
Post: 20 June 2014


A percentage of festival promoters are being asked to book more female comedians on their bill. The plead follows a statement released this morning which sees a group of stand-up comediennes believing their talents are being left behind when it comes to major summer events.

passenger on mobility scooter
Post: 18 June 2014


For those who don’t use them mobility scooters can be annoying. There we go, we’ve said it! It’s not the type of statement you expect to read on a site dedicated to disability, but it’s the truth...a percentage of able-bodied people find those chunks on wheels crawling around supermarket aisles and chugging along roads an inconvenience.

one man, two guvnors' logo
Post: 03 June 2014


When it opened in 2011 ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’’ main draw was actor who was taking the role of Francis Henshall.

iain lee
Post: 02 June 2014


Local radio stations don’t often make for riveting listening, although Iain Lee’s broadcast last week on BBC WM tickled listeners so much an outtake even made its way onto YouTube.

thalidomide victim
Post: 15 May 2014


Back in the late 1950’s medical science incorrectly presumed women experienced morning sickness as a result of being over-excited about pregnancy.

the it crowd cast
Post: 14 May 2014


We realise this is from the Channel 4 archive, but as the news is quite dismal at the moment we thought we would attempt to cheer up your day.

the rovers return
Post: 08 May 2014


He’s in his forties, has a physical disability and is incredibly cheeky.

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