ABLE2UK CONCERT: Howard Thorpe explains why he is staging the event

howard thorpe founder of ABLE2UK
howard thorpe founder of ABLE2UK

With the ABLE2UK concert now announced the founder of the organisation, HOWARD THORPE explains why the event is why important and who will benefit...


“Over the past few decades barriers have been broken for minority groups, a percentage of this ground-breaking change pays its respect to the music industry.  Talented black artists have been giving the platform to show their incredible and artistic skills in an industry which use to border those from an ethical background and thanks to events such as the MOBO Awards and respected digital radio stations as 1XTRA race is no longer considered a minority in a large percentage of the music industry.

Sexual orientation has also crossed over to the mainstream with concerts such as the Manchester Mardi Gras and an ever increasing number of musicians proud to declare their sexuality have seen the music industry once again changing the perception of the general public towards a minority group who bravely fought to be accepted in society.

Having cerebral palsy myself , it saddens me that to date I can not name any live music event dedicated to disability. Disabled people still face discrimination albeit offending remarks in public or, even worse, those who do not understand the vast achievements most disabled people are capable of. There is also a lack of accessible requirements at many live music events. Funding from the ABLE2 concert will go towards improving the facilities to improve disabled access, not only for wheelchair users, but for the deaf, blind and those with co-ordination barriers.”


The important message from the concert is that it’s not just people with disabilities who will benefit from the cause. Everybody will take away an understanding that a large percentage of disabled people expectations are far above those which society labels them for. The concert also aims to motivate those who are disabled, but lack confidence to achieve their full potential.

Money raised from the concert itself will be handed out to music promoters and venues across the UK to improve on their faculties for those with disabilities and creating a brand new ABLE2 Area which will replace the standard disabled viewing platforms at UK festivals for those in wheelchairs and those who require special seating arrangements, hearing loops and even an easier way to purchase refreshments at live events as well as protection from the sun (visors, hats etc.) and cold weather (extra blankets etc.) if required. “

The ABLE2UK Concert takes place at Camden Roundhouse on 20th August. Tickets on sale from Friday 29th June from and