BEST OF 2013: Royal babies with disabilities

duke and duchess of cambridge
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Upon hearing The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now proud parents to a little boy the world are congratulating the couple on their wonderful news.

The new arrival to the Royal Family came into the world on Monday 22 July at 4.24pm weighing in at 8lbs 6oz and as far as everybody is aware the birth went well...Although what would happen if a royal gave birth to a baby with any form of disorder and would the child be allowed to grow up to become King or Queen?

Royal members with various forms of disability do exist in history, take for example Princess Alexandrine of Prussia, born in 1915 ‘Andini’ coped with Downs Syndrome. The daughter of Crown Prince Wihelm and Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin was very much a family member, however there’s little information about the princess on the internet.

Until November 2011 Google searches wouldn’t show many results for HRH Prince John, a royal family member who was hidden from the public eye when he was born in 1919 with Asperger syndrome and epilepsy. Prince John Charles Francis, the youngest child of King George V & Queen Mary was quickly vanished to Wood Farm on Sandringham Estate after he was born in 1905 where we lived his whole life. It wasn’t until the end of 2011 when his story was publicly told in a Channel 4 documentary which caused distress to the Queen who accused the channel of “capitalising on the royal connection and ignoring the facts, as the sisters have always been looked after by that family”.



We are unaware any French TV channels have aired programmes focusing on their royal members born with disabilities, but should they consider such a film the life of Prince François would certainly make interesting viewing.



The son of Henri d'Orléans (Comte de Paris), François was born in 1961 with a mental disability due to his mother, Princess Isabelle, suffering from toxoplasmosis during the time of pregnancy. Because of his condition Françoisoldest brother, Prince Jean (Dauphin of France) bypassed him to become heir to the throne in 2006.



François wasn’t the only disabled child in the Comte de Paris household, a year after he was born his parents gave birth to Princess Blanche, who was also born with a severe disability due to her mother’s illness.



In 1978 Princess Cornelie-Cecile of Prussia was born with a developmentally disability due to complications leading from a posthumously birth. The princess, daughter of Louis Ferdinand of Prussia and Countess Donata Emma of Castell- Rüdenhausen was the second of two children, although little is known about her background.



He wasn’t born with a disability, but Archduke Phillipp of Austria suffered serious burns all over his body after escaping a house fire in his childhood years, the incident left him sereverly disfigured.


All of the Royals we have mentioned so far have never ruled the country although throughout history Kings have suffered from varies forms of disabilities. Take for example George III whose mental health was so severe a movie was released in 1994 titled ‘The Madness of King George’. Another film, ‘The King’s Speech’ focused on George VI trying to overcome his stammer and finally, even though his impaired left arm wasn’t enough to secure him with a film plot Kaiser Wilhelm II still managed to rule Germany between 1890 – 1914 where he could usually be spotted holding a pair of white gloves to make his arm appear longer.