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billy connolly
Post: 05 March 2014


In 2013 comedian Billy Connolly was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, at the time his doctor revealed he spotted the illness as soon as he noted how the star was walking.

the undateables logo
Post: 14 February 2014


It’s the date Cupid arrow slices the nation in half. For those of us in happy relationships Valentine’s Day is a chance to express our deepest emotions to the ones we love. However, if you are single February 14 can be a frustrating and in some cases, upsetting twenty-four hours.

typo logo
Post: 12 February 2014



Typo is a talent agency, similar to any other in some ways. But We feel it's missing something special. We are so passionate about what we do and enjoy representing people that are dedicated and love to express their numerous talents to the world. 

sally and jacob
Post: 12 February 2014



Viewers of BBC’s period drama Call The Midwife are expected to watch an uncomfortable yet ground-breaking episode this Sunday which centres around a couple with disabilities.

 picture of disney characters with disabilities
Post: 03 February 2014


‘Frozen’ is the current Disney animated feature-film still being shown at selected cinemas across the UK and with Walt’s legacy attached to such family movies you are pretty sure what to expect...Princess, an underdog, a few decent songs and a happy ending.

didier (turtle boy)
Post: 29 January 2014


Six-year-old Didier has a mole. In usual circumstances a group of melanocytes on the skin would cause no need for alarm, although in Didier’s case the patch on his body takes over his entire life.

shaine from the undateables
Post: 23 January 2014


Over the past few years viewers of The Undateables have had the unique heartfelt invitation to follow disabled lonely hearts through their life-changing journeys to find that missing person in their lives.

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