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For the next thirteen years 29-year-old Tammy Hoggan will be spending her time behind bars. The sentence is the minimum amount of time she will serve her life sentence.


The woman was in her fifties, she kissed Darren Gresty on the lips. Gresty asked her if they could take things further, he wondered if there was a chance if he could perform a sex act.


Erik Sorto’s quench for thirst was saved by a drink he would never forget thanks to a team of US scientists.  


Nineteen-year-old Curbi Kay was looking considerably pleased with herself. Her face was plastered with a huge grin which gave out a victorious laugh after leaving Manchester Crown Court this week. 


The police, probation services and prosecutors have been criticised in a recent report into the victims of disability hate crimes.


The patient has fourteen jabs in their arm. Each attempt at poking the needle through the skin was to reinsert a drip keeping them alive.

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Football fans stay loyal to their teams. If Southampton lets in a goal then the Saints are bound to pull one back aren’t they? Dan Gosling misses the post...Obetan is bound to take a decent penalty. Even the most sceptical fan forgives a player for their occasional mistakes on the field.


People are becoming obese from an earlier age – That’s the message being sent from the University College London who have been studying data from 56,000 people born between 1946 and 2001 in the UK. 


Mentally ill patients are spending fewer days in hospital beds. Data collected by 32 mental health trusts reveal the average number of nights a mental health patients stays in a medical ward has fallen by 10% since 2012-13.

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