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Able2 isn't just a website, we are happy to provide a free service to help companies improve their services for people with disabilities and just to repeat, it's a FREE service.


Many people have asked me how ABLE2UK came about. How long did it take me to come up with the concept? Had the idea been inside my head for years?

ABLE2UK aims to motivate those with disabilities and for able bodied people understand what they are capable of. This message written exclusively for us from Professor Hawking summing up exactly what this website is about...

Quick question for you. Who is the most influential person in the world? Well apart from Peter Andre (who too was busy promoting his new reality television series) we managed to contact a young gentleman in America and asked him to share his views on disabled awareness. Read the reply which dropped into our inbox by a chap called Mr. Obama...

Letter from The President to ABLE2UK.



The concept of ABLE2 is quite simple. If you have a disabilty you are still 'able2' do anything and to prove this theory we jetted off to South Africa backin 2009 and jumped off a bridge...with an elastic cord tied round our waist.

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