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Employees may have noticed the blind man’s guide dog and the wheelchair being used by the disabled person but the secret cameras remained hidden; which explains why they were refused access to taxis and left stranded at train stations.


If you have cerebral palsy you are stuck with it for life…There isn’t a more direct way to put the message across and for most of us, disabled or non disabled, we already knew CP is a lifelong disability.


Chances are unless you are a scientist or a medical expert you won’t be familiar with cytokines, but don’t worry – by the end of this paragraph you won’t need to open a Wikipedia page. Cytokines are immune molecules found inside the human body.


When disabled veteran Douglas Dendinger was summoned to court to serve Bogalusa, La., cop Chad Cassard he ended up being accused of an assault.


He is meant to be ‘the nicest guy in rock’ and following a gig in Australia Dave Grohl has done little to harm his reputation.


Daughters of Davis are an acoustic, duo band made up of my sister, Adrienne and I. We are currently in the process of recording our third album, after the success of latest release, ‘British Soul’ reaching the heights of the iTunes top 10 Singer/Songwriter Album Chart, there is much anticipation behind this follow up album and I can officially, publicly say that it is going to be called ‘#NotPlayingTheGame'...

Friday, 27 February 2015 12:13

Being Bipolar


According to businessman Paul the Pope will stay in his new hotel when it’s built and open to the public.


Looking forward to the BRITs tonight? We mean “really” looking forward to it – as if it is the most important night of the year?


Prosthetics are all well and good, but when it comes to replacing fine co-ordination bulky pieces of plastic are unable to completely restore movements which have been lost following life changing accidents.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 10:25

Three Parent Babies will be made Legal in the UK


The first baby to be born between three people could make its first venture into the world next year and it’ll take its first tiny breaths in a hospital in the UK.

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