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Since 2001 we have been bringing you all the news which matters relating to disability. We had an exclusive look around the Olympic Park before it opened to the public in 2012. Received Christmas messages from all the political party leaders, mentions in the national newspapers, staged a concert at The Roundhouse in Camden – quite amazing when you think back to how pathetic our old, tatty, blue and red logo used to look!


Celebrities such as RIO FERDINAND, STEPHEN FRY, RICHARD BRANSON, FRANK TURNER, KATIE PRICE and MARK WAHLBERG have all offered support through 140 characters on Twitter. We even met Tony Blair inside Number 10 when he was the Prime Minister.


We’ve travelled to New York and Vegas to compile special travel reports, covered huge events such as U2 and ROLLING STONES when they headlined Glastonbury. Reviewed disabled access at some of the most prestigious festivals in the UK such as V, READING and T IN THE PARK…


It’s been a roller-coaster ride and we are about to do a One Direction on you by announcing a very short break.  Don’t worry, unlike Styles and the guys we won’t be away for long. Reason being is that we are working on a brand new era of ABLE2UK. New features. New website focusing much more on entertainment and live music. We will be more interactive and….When we return we may just have something to announce.  


Until then you can stay up-to-date with us by following @able2uk on Twitter and we will catch you very soon indeed….With a much better logo than the one we had back in the days!







Elana Jane Goulding is bloody thirsty, in little over an hour’s time she will be snuggled up to her boyfriend backstage in front of the paparazzi, but before the cameras start clicking she work to do in front of thousands of excited fans.


The government are holding back on publishing the impacts welfare cuts are having on disabled people despite the increasing rise of the sick and vulnerable being deprived of their benefits.


Abdul Basit, 43, was convicted of murder in 2009. Sentenced to the death penalty Basit’s fate was pushed back when we contracted tuberculosis a year later at Faisalabad prison.


Can you imagine not being able to speak or being unable to have a simple conversation … or knowing a great joke but not being able to share it with friends? People talk over you or worse avoid you completely. You are keen to learn, have some great ideas but can’t express your ideas or ask a question; you can’t even tell Mum and Dad or your closest friend that you love them. That is the reality of life for a significant number of students at Treloar’s.


Katie Barker’s meal wasn’t exactly a ‘Happy’ one when she took her severely ill son for a bite to eat at her local McDonalds in Kingston-upon-Thames.


Out of the four Labour leadership contenders it seems only three of them has the sensibility to understand how to respect disabled people.

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The Self-Esteem Team, aka Natasha, Grace and Nadia are changing stereotypes, reducing stigma surrounding mental health and educating young people on self-esteem. They travel the UK visiting approximately three schools, colleges and universities per week to deliver their multi-award winning classes on body image and mental wellbeing.


In 2005 a total of 2.1 million people in the UK were diagnosed as having diabetes. Ten years on the statistic has raised to 3.3 million.

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