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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 14:19

Dementia named biggest killer in Women


Its common knowledge breast cancer takes away the lives of thousands of women, heart attack is another attacker associated with the ‘Y’ chromosome, although it’s another illness which trumps the potential deaths of females across the UK.


11 November 1918 – a date etched into history, the final day of the First World War. Following their victory English soldiers paraded through streets celebrating the end to a bloody era in British history.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014 10:17

Rock Legend supports small Dementia Charity


The support team at the Sporting Memories Network probably weren’t expecting to speak to a rock legend when they answered a call last month in their small offices in Yorkshire.


War veterans will receive adequate medical care – that was the promise given by the UK government to injured soldiers.


Regular readers of ABLE2UK will be aware mental health is a recurring topic on these very pages. Almost every week we hear of at least one new story shedding light on the illness.  Despite the raising awareness authorities believe financial support is drastically low and are campaigning for the government to spend more money to support mental health organisations.


Can eye tests detect the early signs of Alzheimer’s?


Between May and September last year Cameron Logan’s lived in a very basic living environment, the space was so empty any visitors would think they had stepped back into the prehistoric era – this probably had something to do with the fact Cameron and his partner Elaine’s home was a cave.


The boy is blind, he relies on a wheelchair and he almost lost his life. The first two instances are at no fault to his foster father, Dr. Dennis Sullivan but his brush with death was a direct result of his guardian.


Nancy Fitzmaurice’s life was a struggle, her list of disabilities read like a medical healthbook index. The little girl coped with septicaemia, hydrocephalus, meningitis and blindness.


Before we take you through a colourful discussion between the connection between disability and Wicked the musical, which is currently touring the UK, allow us to tangle you up in a cyclone and guide you back to the black and white background behind the play’s history.

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