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Cast your minds back to the summer of 2012. The UK was buzzing in a sporting frenzy, the Olympics were in town and even the unhealthiest among us couldn’t resist a slight urge to leave our sofas and do some exercise.


Andy and Lou are back – although this time there’s something a little peculiar about Matt Lucas’ character that pretends he is confined to a wheelchair.


Meet 67-year-old Alan Barnes, that’s him pictured above. Before her son’s birth his mother was diagnosed with German measles leading to complications during pregnancy.

Thursday, 29 January 2015 09:58

Disabled Model Hayley Eszti writes for ABLE2UK


 Hayley Eszti writes an exclusive article for ABLE2UK...


She was born with two legs, nothing out of the ordinary there – until you find out ‘she’ is Bubbles, a dachshund and to make things even more unusual the dog is now enjoying puppy independence thanks to her new wheelchair.



Earlier this month Joseph France was turned away his local Odeon cinema in Harrogate because there was no disabled access in the screen showing The Theory of Everything – which ironically charts the achievements of Professor Stephen Hawking living with motor neurone disease.


The fate of Warren Lee Hill was as unstable as the intellectually challenged prisoner who beat a fellow inmate to death and killing his 18-year-old girlfriend who he shot eleven times.


Being diagnosed with asthma and being prescribed with a blue little box to shove in your mouth for the rest of your days can be a life changing experience, although a leading charity is now warning over a million people carrying an inhaler around for emergency use could be wasting their time.


The days of Little Britain may be a distant UK Gold TV memory, but the espionages of Lou and Andy are still in full throttle if a recent CCTV footage is anything to go by.


There’s always room for one more when it comes to organisations supporting disabled people who have a love of live music and thanks to Radio 1’s Jameela Jamil a new business will see adapted gigs staged around the country for those who are unable to attend mainstream musical events.

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